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Final Fling: Loch Lonach Book Four

It was Annabelle, a shaggy Hieland Coo, who found the mangled remains of a woman’s corpse lying on the Highland Games field. When the police decide her Maid of Honor is the prime suspect, Ginny vows to do whatever is necessary to clear her friend’s name. It's a race against time with Ginny's wedding day - and her life - hanging in the balance.

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Viking Vengeance: Loch Lonach Book Three


The Up-Helly-Aa was not intended as a real Viking funeral. A least, there wasn’t supposed to be a body tucked inside the ship the Loch Lonach Homesteaders built and burned each January. But the discovery of a charred corpse hidden in the wreckage sends Jim and Ginny racing cross country in a perilous attempt to obtain justice for one of their own.

The Swick and the Dead: Loch Lonach Book Two


The discovery of a murder in her ICU after a particularly busy shift pushes amateur sleuth, Ginny Forbes, into an investigation to uncover the culprit, the motive, and the shadowy figure behind the pipeline of death that has been laid from south of the border to her home on the banks of Loch Lonach. Not that she realizes it, of course. Not until it is much too late to turn back.

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The Arms of Death: Loch Lonach Book One


When one of her ICU patients dies unexpectedly, amateur sleuth Ginny Forbes finds herself on the trail of a centuries-old secret that is of no importance and no interest to anyone other than herself. Except, of course, that no tale of secrets is ever that simple and Ginny is about to find out just how dangerous idle curiosity can be.

The Celtic font in use in this series is PR Uncial created by Peter Rempel. To see how the text is intended to be displayed, you may need to download and install the FREE font on your device (Desktop, laptop, or e-reader). Here is the file.  

Loch Lonach Mysteries


In the manner of Peter Wimsey, Miss Marple, and Brother Cadfael comes a series of mysteries set in a community peopled by evocative characters that read like old friends. The distinctive Scottish voices offer a glimpse into a world not usually open to modern readers and the deftly woven tales of deceit and greed will have all comers cheering the triumph of good over evil. The men in kilts just make it that much more fun.

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