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To enter the Create-a-Corpse drawing or suggest another character for use in future Loch Lonach books, please use the form below and be sure to include:

1) The ROLE (no names, please) your intended victim plays or played in your life (if you're carrying a grudge) and

2) The MOTIVE - your reason for wanting to take such extreme action. This is (fictional) murder we're talking about, after all.

If you also want to suggest a MEANS (the Cause of Death), please feel free to do so, but that may depend on the story line and the author retains the right to make artistic decisions.

​​DISCLAIMER: No part of this contest is intended as an actual solicitation of a crime. 

Loch Lonach books that contain a Create-a-Corpse character will have the trio of Grim Reapers on the bottom back cover. Look for them,  then read the story to see if your submission is included.

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