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Viking Vengeance

We all know some laws are made to be broken. The trick is knowing which – and when.


The Up-Helly-Aa wasn't intended as a real Viking funeral. But the discovery of a charred corpse in the wreckage sends Jim and Ginny racing cross country in a perilous attempt to obtain justice for one of their own, with the law – and divine retribution – in hot pursuit.

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Wishing Shelf FINALIST Medal
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Praise for

Viking Vengeance

FIVE STAR REVIEW “A solid thriller filled with charismatic characters. A FINALIST and highly recommended.” 2019 The Wishing Shelf Book Awards


“What a ride! From one exciting event to the next, these characters really attract trouble! The one-legged race description is a hoot. The handling of a moral dilemma is admirable. I enjoyed all the adventure's details, most of which I did not see coming. This story was a trip I thoroughly enjoyed. Well done!” Judge, Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

“Viking Vengeance is compelling, enjoyable, and satisfying. Recommended!  Four Thumbs Up!”

“Thank you, Maggie, for your wonderful writing.  I look forward to enjoying many more books in the future.”

“Pulls the readers into the story and keeps them engaged . . . masterfully woven.”

“The books are wonderful to read! I truly enjoy them. Keep them coming!”


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Book Three

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