Loch Lonach Mysteries

Mysteries with a Scottish Slainte

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The Arms of Death: Loch Lonach Book One

WINNER of the Texas Association of Authors

2019 Best of Texas Books Award

First Place: Medical Thrillers

When one of her ICU patients dies unexpectedly, amateur sleuth Ginny Forbes finds herself on the trail of a centuries-old secret that is of no importance and no interest to anyone other than herself. Except, of course, that no tale of secrets is ever that simple and Ginny is about to find out just how dangerous idle curiosity can be.

“I love a good mystery and The Arms of Death definitely fits that description. The characters are well-defined and likeable and the story flows. Would recommend this book to all my mystery lover friends.”

“The story keeps you guessing. The main character is interesting and complex. The mix of medicine, genealogy, and Celtic culture is priceless.”

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Book Two follows Ginny Forbes and Jim Mackenzie as they navigate an unsettling Christmas season filled with less-than-seasonal behavior on the part of the story’s antagonists. Ginny, it seems, has a talent for discovering corpses, spotting details that others overlook, and getting herself into serious trouble through her tenacious refusal to let any mystery go unsolved.

“The story is brilliant! If you like a good murder mystery, this is the book for you!”

“Another great read from newcomer, Maggie Foster.”

“Love the Scottish details, especially the superstitions!”

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Book Three pits Ginny and Jim against the collected forces of the Dallas police and the U.S. and Canadian Border Patrols as they race to carry out Angus Mackenzie's instructions before landing in prison - or worse.

“It has been said that murder mysteries are the most ethical form of literature in the modern world; the bad guy never gets away with it. In Viking Vengeance, the author has taken that maxim and humanized it.”


"Masterfully woven . . . Pulls the readers into the story and keeps them engaged.”

Meet the Author! Maggie Foster will be at both the Houston and Salado Highland Games this fall. Click HERE for dates and times.

The author takes a book to bed every night and, when she set out to write, wanted more of the stories she loves. She hopes you will find these tales a delightful addition to your collection.

The font used on the covers, in the titles, and for the chapter headings in this series is PR Uncial, created by Peter Rempel
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