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2019 is shaping up as a busy year for Maggie and the Loch Lonach characters. With Books One, Two, and Three out, Book Four is looming and Book Five has been started. The Create-a-Corpse Contest is proving popular and all are invited to submit a request HERE.  Read more below!



20 Dec 2018 - Release of The Swick and the Dead

Loch Lonach Mysteries Book Two is now available through Amazon (both paperback and digitally) and digitally worldwide. Please visit the Swick page for more information.


24 Feb 2019 - Book Signing - Half Price Books


On 24 Feb 2019 from 1-3 p.m., Half Price Books in Dallas, TX will host a Local Author Book Signing featuring Maggie Foster. The address is 5803 E. NW Hwy, Dallas, TX 75231. Contact Maggie ( or HPB (214-379-8000) for further information.


Book Three - Viking Vengeance - released on 10 March 2019. Please visit the Viking Vengeance page for additional details.

On 23 March 2019 Maggie could be found at the Sherman Celtic Festival and Highland Games, signing and selling books, and battening down the hatches against the wild March winds.


6 Apr 2019 - Tartan Day - North Texas Book Festival

On April 6th of each year, people worldwide celebrate the contributions of the Scots to civilization. Maggie did her part at the North Texas Book Festival in Denton, TX, wearing tartan, waving a Cross of St. Andrew, and displaying a bottle (alas empty) of the best known product of Scotland.


16 Apr 2019 - Book Signing - Austin Convention Center

On 16 April 2019 in Austin, TX, Maggie was among the authors sponsored by Texas Authors, Inc. at the 2019 Texas Library Association Conference. It was a smashing success. The TLA hosts made her feel welcome. She made many new friends and re-connected with others. And she sold out of The Arms of Death.

27-28  Apr 2019 - Book Signing - Iron Thistle Scottish Festival

April 27 & 28 found Maggie and her entourage on the grounds of the Iron Thistle Scottish Festival in Yukon, OK. The weather was perfect, the people were congenial, and this time she sold out of every volume she had with her, while making many new friends among the attendees and the staff.  With luck, this will become an annual event.


11-12 May 2019 - Book Signing - TX Scottish Festival & Highland Games

The Texas Scottish Festival and Highland Games has moved from downtown Arlington, where it has been since its inception, to the fairgrounds of Decatur, TX. The weekend started with a deluge and the grounds were quickly reminiscent of a Scottish bog. Nonetheless, the hardy Scots came and saw and conquered.  Saturday gave us a very Scottish mist throughout, the air carrying the bagpipes from ridge to glen to treeline. Sunday was classic Texas - clear and hot and steamy from the soggy soil. Surprisingly, in spite of the challenges, visitors came and bought books, and then came back for more. 


8  Jun 2019 - Book Signing - Recycled Books and Records

June 8 saw Maggie back in Denton, the guest of Recycle Books and Records, on the main square in downtown Denton. The weather was lovely and the turnout good, though few expressed an interest in the wares on offer.

16  Jun 2019 - Book Signing - St. Matthews' Cathedral

In between services and singing in the Cathedral Choir on the 16th of June, Maggie was happy to display her books and sell a number of them to parishioners looking for summer reading. One has already come back for more, complaining loudly that the books are keeping her up at night as they are too exciting to put down!


July and August are devoted to working on Book Four, Final Fling, and on the job Maggie has teaching nursing students how not to kill people. Also research for upcoming books.


21  Sep 2019 - Book Signing - Houston Highland Games

On the 21st of Sep, 2019, Maggie will be in Houston signing books for the visitors to the Houston Highland Games. If you are in the neighborhood, drop in and introduce yourself!


12 Oct 2019 - International Indie Author Day

The Dallas Public Library is considering hosting an Indie Author Day at its location on the 12th of Oct, 2019. Wherever Maggie ends up on that day, you can be sure she will be celebrating the opportunity to share her work with appreciative readers.


2 Nov 2019 - Meet the Author - Bouchercon

A select 144 lucky attendees of the World Mystery Convention, being held this year in Dallas, TX, will be introduced to Maggie and the Loch Lonach mysteries at a special breakfast event featured by Bouchercon.  If you love mysteries and are not yet signed up for the convention, git along little dogie and reserve yer place at th' table!

8-10 Nov 2019 - Book Signing - Saledo Highland Games

The weekend of Nov 8-10 will find Maggie in Saledo, a charming little Texas town a bit north of Austin. The Saledo Games are the oldest in the state and the site is lovely. If you have never attended a Highland Games, this a family-friendly one to start with. Small enough to be easily see-able, even with little ones in tow, but complete in the athletics, dancing, and piping competitions, as well as Scottish vendors, Clan tents, and the Museum. See you there!


January 2018 - Volume Three completed


Viking Vengeance was conceived as the second in the Loch Lonach series, but careful thought revealed that there was another story that had to be told first. Volumes two and three will be released in Dec 2018 and Mar 2019, respectively.

April 2018 - Tartan Day

On April 6th of each year, people worldwide celebrate the contributions of the Scots to civilization. They include penicillin; the light bulb, telephone, and television; Sherlock Holmes; "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!"; ten U.S. presidents, and the discovery of DNA. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.


December 2018 - Release of The Swick and the Dead

Volume Two is now available through Ingram Spark distribution. The Amazon version is being held up by a computer coding glitch in KDP's software. As soon as that problem has been resolved, Swick will be available on Amazon as well. Digital versions have been ordered and are in the conversion stage.


December 2017 - Release of The Arms of Death

The story begins!


Book One is out and available for sale on Amazon! Released in December of 2017. This is the first of a series of stories about a community of Texans with their roots in the Highlands of Scotland. Inspired by actual settlers and historical records, this is not an historical novel. These people are living, breathing, modern Scots set deep in the Heart of Texas and they wouldn't have it any other way.


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